Stealing news from Azerbaijan.

“11 March – Great People’s Day” T-shirts confiscated and ripped

At night on 9 March yet another youth activist was taken to the police. Two other activists were stopped as they were taking T-shirts with the 11 March logo from the printers.

Orkhan Bayramov of “NIDA” (“Exclamation”) Popular Movement, who was taken by the police, told RFE/RL Azerbaijani service that last night at about 2am he was detained as he and his friend were leaving an internet cafe. They were taken to Narimanov District 18th police station and were interrogated about where they live and what they do:

“They interrogated us and told us not to be stupid. We were also pressured: they grabbed our arms and pushed us. They set us free in the morning hours.”

Orkhan Bayramov says that, since morning of 10 March, he feels that he is being followed.

18th police station neither denies nor confirms what the youths have said. They say that last night some stereos were stolen in Narimanov district, and some youths may have been brought in in relation to that. However no information has been given as to the identity of these individuals.

Another youth activist, Fuad Hajiyev, says that he and his friend were stopped as they were leaving the printers with T-shirts which had “11 March” slogans. According to him, unidentified plainclothesmen in a white “Niva” forced them into the car and drove to Binagadi as they were walking down Shamsi Badalbeyli Street.

“They brought us to some yard, took the 120 T-shirts which had “Student, worker, policeman, officer, politician, journalist – be who you want but be free: 11 March, Great People’s Day” written on them, and ripped them apart, cursing us the whole time.

Fuad Hajiyev says that they were told to sign some document but they refused to do so. After some time, they were released.

Original in Azeri [RFE/RL]


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