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Rock concert not permitted in Baku [Interview with Azer Mammadov]

Azər Məmmədov

Rock musician Azer Mammadov’s concert, which was supposed to take place on 18 March at Baku Rock Club, has been postponed. He was informed of this by the management at the club exactly two hours before the concert was due to start.

Azer, has the concert been posponed or canceled?

For the time being, it has been postponed. If possible, we will still hold it.

What is the reason for the postponement of the concert?

Two hours before the concert a barman approached us, saying they had a call from the Presidential Administration saying that it is prohibited to hold a concert here.

Did they explain why?

We asked why they came to this decision. They apologized that it turned out like this. They said that unfortunately, it is not allowed to hold a concert here.

Were tickets sold for the concert?

No, tickets were not on pre-sale. Due to lack of time, they were going to be sold at the entrance.

Approximately how many people were expected?

The venue is not that big, but we expected about 400 youths to be there.

Have you notified people about the fact that the concert has been canceled?

Yes, concert administrators have spread the news of it being temporarily canceled via Facebook.

Please tell us about your music. What are your songs about?

I perform rock music. My songs are quite popular in Azerbaijan and abroad. My songs are mostly about love, freedom, freedom of thought. The songs about society are popular. “Lazim hani”, “Azad edin”, “Divar” are well-known.

Original in Azeri [RFE/RL]


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