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Bakhtiyar Hajiyev banned from reading Rasulzada’s book in prison

Baktiyar Hajiyev’s mother Solida Movlayeva says that during the Novruz holidays she wanted to meet with her son, even just for a few minutes, but was not allowed to do so.

“They are playing ‘pass the parcel’. The lawyer said that he has completed the case and sent the papers to the court. The court says that the case has not been presented to them yet. They’re not allowing for a meeting with his parents. Meanwhile other detainees here are allowed to meet with family members as well as parents.”

Solida Movlayeva says that in order for Bakhtiyar to spend his time in prison productively, she sent books for him to read. But the book on Mammad Amin Rasulzada was not accepted by the prison workers. This surprized Solida Movlayeva all the more.

“We brought with us a M. A. Rasulzada book in Russian. They didn’t accept it. But they did accept Dostoevsky’s “Humiliated and Insulted”. They probably didn’t even understand. I still can’t comprehend why they wouldn’t accept Rasulzada’s book. It’s shocking. I don’t know what they’re going to achieve by banning Rasulzada’s book.”

The detention center Bakhtiyar is being held at tells RFE/RL Azeri service that he only has permission to meet with his lawyer. If his family members present a letter of permission, they can meet with him too.

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev’s lawyer Alayif Hasanov says that, before the case is officially assigned to a judge, the parents cannot submit an application to meet with Bakhtiyar. He adds that the court’s demand for visit permission papers from Bakhtiyar’s parents is yet another needless, pretentious requirement.

“In reality he is not being charged with anything that is of danger to society; the law does not pose any serious barriers for him to meet with his family. At this stage it is also unclear who is supposed to give permission for him to have this visit. The case has been forwarded from the prosecutor’s office to the court but a specific judge has not been assigned, therefore we don’t know who to raise this petition with.”

Alayif Hasanov last met with Bakhtiyar Hajiyev on 20 March. He says that Bakhtiyar is fine and the conditions are normal. On 4 April Bakhtiyar’s 1-month pretrial detention comes to an end. Alayif Hasanov says that, considering the way that the way the interrogation went, and other ways in which the prosecutors tried to impede the procedures, indicate that Bakhtiyar Hajiyev will not be freed any time soon.

Original in Azeri [RFE/RL]


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