Stealing news from Azerbaijan.

Opposition prepares for for 2 April protests

“Ictimai Palata” (“Social House”, an organization created by several opposition parties in Azerbaijan after the parliamentary elections) is preparing for 2 April protests. A committee has already been formed for this purpose. According to Tofiq Yaqublu, deputy head of Musavat Party and a representative of this committee, the parties involved are in the process of serious preparations for this protest. He says that during the meeting IP held on 24 March, the protest planned for 2 April was discussed once again. “A decision has been made – the protest will take place, regardless. If permission is given, it will take place at the said place. If not, it will be at 2pm on 2 April, at the Fountain Square.”

T. Yaqubov says that despite the fact that they are not calling on Musavat Party members from the regions to come to the protest, there are those who want to come: “We have not instructed people to come from the regions, but there are those who will.” He added that the protest’s resolution was also under discussion.

Note that protest on 2 April is not assigned to any party – it is to be a national, public protest. Therefore none of the political parties involved will use their respective party flags or symbols. Only the national flag will be used. This will highlight the fact that the protest is a public one, not by the opposition or Social House.

Some opposition parties, however, are considering not to take part in the demonstration on 2 April. Head of Umid (“Hope”) Party Iqbal Aghazade says that they will consider taking part under one condition: “The organizers have not addressed us on this issue. If they do, we will discuss it. It is also difficult to guess whether party members will take part in the protest as individuals. But if we are not addressed, it does not concern the party leaders if members join the protest as individuals.”

Sardar Jalaloghlu, head of Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP), said that since the party is not a member of IP, he will not be taking part in any of the organization’s actions, including protests.

A letter regarding the 2 April protest was presented to the Baku City Executive Authority but it was not accepted. The organizers were told to bring the letter after the holiday period, and therefore sent it by post instead. Note that the BCEA did not accept the letter of notice about 12 March protest either, so it also had to be sent by post.


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