Stealing news from Azerbaijan.

Social networks banned in internet cafes in Shirvan

In Shirvan, some sites have been blocked in internet clubs. According to information given to RFE/RL Azeri service by Idrak Jamalbeyli, journalist at Ölkə (“Country”) newspaper, the internet cafes he has been to have restrictions in place against social networking sites that young people are increasingly active in: “I’ve been in Shirvan for a few days now because of work. I go to internet cafes during the day. The executive authorities have them constantly under surveillance. The owners of these internet cafes are given instructions to block sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here, I can only access sites via proxy.”

Shirvan City Executive Authority representative Shafayat Asgarov denies this: “In February, we had a review of internet cafes. During the raids, it became evident that underage children go on lewd websites. After this, there was a ban on young children going on these sites. Announcements were put up about this.”

Shafayat Asgarov stressed that the executive authorities do not have the authority to block or ban social networks.

Original in Azeri [RFE/RL]


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