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Journalist Ramin Deko: kidnapped yesterday, beaten today

Journalist from Azadliq newspaper Ramin Deko says that on 3 April at around 10am, three plainclothesmen took him to the Mashtagha area. He told Azadliq Radiosu (RFE/RL Azeri service) that throughout the journey they were advising him to “be smart”. Later, he says, until 4pm he was held in an unknown house and had to listen to people praising the government’s politics. He adds that they mentioned his activeness during the opposition protests and advised him to stop taking part in this:

“They said to me that, we’re giving you advice: work for “Yeni Azerbaijan” newspaper, then good conditions will be created for you. They didn’t use physical force on me, but they pressured me morally. I was seated into a car – a 2107 “Jiguli” – as I was buying a newspaper from a kiosk, and my phone was taken away and switched off immediately.

Ramin Deko says that about six hours later he was released in the Binagadi area, out of a car of a foreign model: “They brought me in a black foreign car. On the way they said that, if you behave yourself, if you leave “Azadliq” newspaper, you’ll have a car like this too.”

He says he has not yet decided whether he will complain to human rights protection organs, but is preparing to address Rights Defense Institute.

Orkhan Mansurzada, Head of the Press Office department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, says that if such an incident occurred, the journalist must contact a local police station or call 102 so that an investigation is made.

Note: on the night of 25-26 March Seymur Haziyev, also from Azadliq newspaper, says he was kidnapped and beaten by 6 masked thugs.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov said that he would discuss the issue with the journalist personally in a meeting.

Original in Azeri [RFE/RL]


On his way home from work on 4 April at around 21:20 local time, Ramin Deko says he was beaten by two unidentified men near the National Academy of Science. He says he got injuries of various gravity, and was able to save himself by running away. He says that once again he was told to not participate in opposition protests and to “be smart”.

“My shirt was torn, they hit me in the face and kidneys. I saved myself from them by running away. I just returned to Azerbaijan publishing house, to Azadliq newspaper’s editorial office. I’m just sitting down waiting to see what to do, where to go, I don’t know.”


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